Looking Back

4 May 2017       3.00PM       59 F    Cloudy As slowly as it arrived, our sledding season was also slow to depart. We could still run on sleds out of here until early April – without it being truly horrendous as it has been at the tail end of some … More Looking Back

Silver Linings

10 May 2015    1.00PM       62 F   Cloudy It’s May already.  The last of our snow has just gone, it was clinging on stubbornly in a few sheltered spots out in the trees, but otherwise we have transitioned from winter, through break up into Spring. The Serum Run trip I was … More Silver Linings

Silver Linings

21 May 2014       6.00 PM       65 F       Cloudy Regular readers will have been poised on the edge of their seats awaiting the “Spring Break Up” edition. Occasional readers will be much more of the “meh” , he’s going to whine about break up again. And any … More Silver Linings

Winter in Alaska

26 January 2014     3.00  PM    36 F      Cloudy Cold and covered snow. That’s usually what most people say when asked what Alaska is like in the winter. And generally, that would be a fairly reasonable assumption or guess. However, if that is your guess too, then I’m afraid that one  would be failing to take … More Winter in Alaska

Just Because

8 June 2013     2.30 PM        69 F       Sunny My last entry reminded me that I had failed in my duty to whine extensively about how dreadful break up had been this Spring. And you know how much I hate to disappoint, so here goes. Some of you … More Just Because


28 May 2013     5.00 PM       80.6 F   Sunny  (ya reckon) This afternoon, Federal Authorities finally gave the stand down order to all military and emergency service personnel. These poor souls have been on a high state of readiness to deal with a severe, unexpected emergency ever since Monday afternoon. … More DEFCON 2