Goodbye Braeburn

What comes in love, must leave in pain And all the gifts we early treasure, the world takes away Sometimes fate gives you an unseen blow that is so devastating and surprising, that it seems like you will never recover, and that life will always be forever tainted from that moment on. On Wednesday, we … More Goodbye Braeburn

Puppy News

13 November 2017     9.00 PM      20 F      Clear A little belatedly, partly as a precaution and partly because there are only so many hours in the day, I am delighted to “officially” announce that we have a new litter of puppies. The father is Avery of Seppness, who we brought … More Puppy News

The Birthday Month

With us having quite a few dogs, there isn’t a month that passes, that doesn’t mark a birthday for one or more of our guys. November, however, seems to be THE month for parties. On 2 Nov, Wink celebrated her 15th birthday. The oldest of our dogs, she has been mentioned in posts several times … More The Birthday Month

Winter Soon ?

1 November 2017    4.00 PM          30 F    Sunny As is usual for me, I have watched the oncoming months with some trepidation. As previously noted, most of us like to be all tidy and organised for the onset of winter, as most outside chores become much harder, if not … More Winter Soon ?

Deep Breaths

Last year, I wrote that there was more to having sled dogs and running a kennel than broken hearts and tears following the loss of another beloved dog and constant trips to the vet. It is a statement I’d like to withdraw. Obviously, it’s not all heartache, emotional pain and worry. It can’t be, otherwise … More Deep Breaths

Goodbye Ruya

26 July 2017    11.00 am     58 F    Raining It is nearly 3 weeks since Ruya passed on.  She survived a hemangiosarcoma derived ruptured spleen just a few weeks earlier, thanks to amazing efforts from our vets and a blood transfusion. She recovered really well, but we knew there was a risk … More Goodbye Ruya

Go Out and Play

25 June 2017        3.30 PM         75F     Sunny It’s summer in Alaska. Right now, we’re in the middle of spell lasting several weeks where it doesn’t get dark. At all. It might be slightly murky for an hour or so, but it can be hard to tell … More Go Out and Play