Looking Back

4 May 2017       3.00PM       59 F    Cloudy As slowly as it arrived, our sledding season was also slow to depart. We could still run on sleds out of here until early April – without it being truly horrendous as it has been at the tail end of some … More Looking Back

3 Years On

16 August 2012     3.00 PM    64 F   Cloudy with rain showers So it seems I missed our anniversary.  No, not the important one, I’ll never forget when that is – but the anniversary of our arrival in Alaska. In my defence, I only missed it because I thought we didn’t arrive until the 18th August, … More 3 Years On

It Has Started

3 April 2012          3.00 PM        42 F   Sunny 6 April 2012         10.00AM        38F    Snowing If you thought any of the previous blog posts had been a bit whiny about the amount of snow we have had this winter and constant need to be digging, shovelling, snowblowing etc, prepare to be whined at some more. The … More It Has Started