Happy New Year

11 Feb 2017        6.00 PM     3 F     Clear and sunny Tradition has it that I post a photograph of our Happy Crew at their gate, taken on New Year’s Day. I can’t quite recall how this particular “tradition” started, and unfortunately, I forgot to take one this year. … More Happy New Year

An Update

29 January 2015        10.30 PM    -4 F         Dark So, where should I start ? An apology or a greeting. Let’s be positive and say Happy New Year, welcome to 2015. Not too sure what exactly has happened to the days and weeks since I last managed to … More An Update

Happy New Year

1 January 2014      12  F      Overcast As has become tradition, it is time to wish each every one of you a very Happy New Year and best wishes for whatever adventures come your way in 2014. Equally traditionally, is the now obligatory dogs at the gate “snow gauge” picture. As you can see, we’re doing … More Happy New Year

A Quick Recap

3 January 2012     11.00 PM      -22 F    Clear Not enough hours in the day, not enough days in the week. At least that is the way it seems most of the time here. Or it could simply be that too much time is being spent enjoying life, visiting with friends and drinking coffee. I am … More A Quick Recap

Happy New Year

2 January 2012     6.00 PM    -7 F  Cloudy (but it’s dark so maybe not) Oh dear, there seems to have been a bit of tardiness in my blog entering. So, for that, many apologies and I do promise to be a more regular and committed blogger this year. Agreed, that is a promise or New … More Happy New Year


and you miss it. It being time.  Seems like no sooner is the alarm clock wailing at me to get up than I am thinking it must be close to bedtime. Of course, the hours in between are stuffed full of activity, mostly dog related and it is obviously that which magics away the time. … More Blink