And So It Begins

27 Sept 2016     2.00 PM         52F          Sunny Just in case anyone thinks that all that is involved in having a sled dog kennel is constant trips to the vet and the ability to function normally with a broken heart and tears rolling down your cheeks, … More And So It Begins

Goodbye Teague

Gealach Mor Teague  5 Sept 2003 ~ 10 March 2016    (flanked by Harry and Seven) Today, we say a stunned, heartbreaking farewell to Teague. It has often been said that these dogs are incredibly stoical – and that many of us don’t regard that as a trait that is very helpful, as time and … More Goodbye Teague

Happy Birthdays

31 May 2012      09.00 AM           48 F       Cloudy Good intentions and a bad memory do not make for well matched bedfellows. I had thought to write a quick post for each of our dogs on their birthday, as a way of inspiration and/or encouragement to produce something a little more frequently. Sadly, like so many … More Happy Birthdays