Goodbye Kazek

  On Thursday evening, our dear, sweet, much loved, wonderful boy Kazek left us. In much the same way he did everything, Kaz broke our hearts in a calm, quiet moment of passing. The hole he leaves behind is immeasurable,  our still tender hearts, aching from the loss of Braeburn just 6 weeks ago, are … More Goodbye Kazek

Goodbye Oscar

27 November 2017         10.00 PM     12 F  Clear We lost Oscar a few days ago. He had a tumour removed 2 years ago and we were thankful that he survived that, and recovered to continue to brighten our lives with his presence for an all too short period. Sadly, the last … More Goodbye Oscar

Deep Breaths

Last year, I wrote that there was more to having sled dogs and running a kennel than broken hearts and tears following the loss of another beloved dog and constant trips to the vet. It is a statement I’d like to withdraw. Obviously, it’s not all heartache, emotional pain and worry. It can’t be, otherwise … More Deep Breaths

Goodbye Ruya

26 July 2017    11.00 am     58 F    Raining It is nearly 3 weeks since Ruya passed on.  She survived a hemangiosarcoma derived ruptured spleen just a few weeks earlier, thanks to amazing efforts from our vets and a blood transfusion. She recovered really well, but we knew there was a risk … More Goodbye Ruya

And So It Begins

27 Sept 2016     2.00 PM         52F          Sunny Just in case anyone thinks that all that is involved in having a sled dog kennel is constant trips to the vet and the ability to function normally with a broken heart and tears rolling down your cheeks, … More And So It Begins

Goodbye Teague

Gealach Mor Teague  5 Sept 2003 ~ 10 March 2016    (flanked by Harry and Seven) Today, we say a stunned, heartbreaking farewell to Teague. It has often been said that these dogs are incredibly stoical – and that many of us don’t regard that as a trait that is very helpful, as time and … More Goodbye Teague