Big Furry Rodents

19 April 2017        6.00 PM     51 F  Sunny Alaska is a great place to live. There are no snakes, no biting creepy crawlies – well excluding the one wee spider that isn’t even supposed to be that bad, no need to check your boots before you put them on in … More Big Furry Rodents

Just Pottering On

23 July 2016       2.00 PM       74 F        Cloudy Summer in Alaska is a time of great activity.  The near perpetual daylight for weeks on end, means that one’s perception of time gets a bit distorted. It is not uncommon to find yourself outside doing chores or gardening … More Just Pottering On

5,257 Miles

1 July 2012      4.00 PM     70F  Sunny Eagle eyed readers or those with an awesome memory may well recall a couple of similarly titled entries in the last 18 months or so. Those who do so will doubtless recall the protestations that such a trip would likely never be taken again. So, it seems obvious … More 5,257 Miles

Social Whirlwind

21 March 2012        2.00 PM        30 F        Sunny It strikes me as more than a little ironic that my blog, which is supposed to keep friends, family and random strangers up to date with stories and pictures of our dogs and our life in Alaska, has fallen victim to a lack of free time. The … More Social Whirlwind


26 January 2012       2.00 PM     – 4 F      Cloudy It’s the internet age and abbreviations abound. Sometimes us oldies think it is a conspiracy by anyone under the age of  ** (insert the age when you began to think that policemen didn’t look old enough to have left school) to confuse and … More BFM

Merge In Turn

10 March 2011                 8.00AM      Temperature  -8 F      Clear skies 10 March 2011                 2.00PM       Temperature 22 F      Perfect blue sky and sunny No, it’s not a mistake, there are meant to be two time and temperature readings up there. It’s been the weather pattern for the last 2 or 3 weeks … More Merge In Turn