6, 745 Miles

12 Feb 2017    10.00 AM     -17F   Clear and sunny In May 2014, I made what I thought would be my last long run to collect dogs from JJ and Susan Bragg at Seppala Kennels in Manitoba. I’d made several trips over the preceding years, and was sure that I wouldn’t be … More 6, 745 Miles

Goodbye Echo

22 August 2016       1.00 PM    57 F       Raining It’s been a week since Echo died. It’s been a week of unhappy days and unsettled nights. His circle is empty, his house unused and as I feed and work with the other dogs in the Happy Crew, his space … More Goodbye Echo

Spirit Crushing

26 August 2013   6.00PM     68 F      Sunny They say it’s the unseen blows that hurt the most. Those sneaky attacks when you have not prepared yourself are the ones that get past your defences. And so it is with our dogs and the loss of yet another of our boys, less than a month after … More Spirit Crushing