Go Out and Play

25 June 2017        3.30 PM         75F     Sunny It’s summer in Alaska. Right now, we’re in the middle of spell lasting several weeks where it doesn’t get dark. At all. It might be slightly murky for an hour or so, but it can be hard to tell … More Go Out and Play

And So It Begins

27 Sept 2016     2.00 PM         52F          Sunny Just in case anyone thinks that all that is involved in having a sled dog kennel is constant trips to the vet and the ability to function normally with a broken heart and tears rolling down your cheeks, … More And So It Begins

Goodbye Echo

22 August 2016       1.00 PM    57 F       Raining It’s been a week since Echo died. It’s been a week of unhappy days and unsettled nights. His circle is empty, his house unused and as I feed and work with the other dogs in the Happy Crew, his space … More Goodbye Echo

7 Year Itch

12 August 2016        2.00  PM           65F    Overcast As us old people are fond of saying, time flies by…  when you’re the driver of a train. Oh wait, that’s the Half Man, Half Biscuit song, but the premise remains the same. Somehow, in the blink of the … More 7 Year Itch

Little Bundles

So, if we take Yuri of Seppala for a little walk and to visit Queen of Seppala, nature dictates that 9 weeks later, give or take a day or two, we’re going to be blessed with the arrival of little bundles of joy. And so, it turned out to be. On 11 February 2016 we … More Little Bundles