The Dogs

The most important part of our kennel is of course, its heart. That heart beats in rhythm with the hearts of those all important athletes, companions and all round superstars that are our dogs.
They will all have their very own page here, as well as on our website.

One thought on “The Dogs

  1. Hello!
    My name is Sylvia and my dream is to purchase one day a pure Seppala puppy.
    I was researching for a wile and I find Jeffry Bragg web site, but I find out too late as he sold most of his dogs ( I think). Than I came to your web site and I saw that you have some of his dogs.
    I know that your not breeding often or when you breed , you do it for your self, but please if you have any puppy that comes available , please let me know.An adult Seppala would be a miracle!Maybe you plan to breed Fritdjof and Cuchi in the future?
    I live in Canada, Ontario and I like to build a small dog team. I have one right now and I enjoy biking with her.It is so rewarding and fun !
    Thank you so much!
    Oh, do you still have Kazek and Irina?


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