So, without further ado…………. <<>> allow me to introduce Jedeye Avery of Manitou Crossing at Gealach Mor, or slightly less formally, wee Avery.

Avery sitting on a log
Avery in the spring sunshine

Little Miss Avery

I collected Avery from Blake & Jen Freking’s kennel in late September 2009, and she made the long trip west from Minnesota to Alaska with me and several other dogs. She was described as being the ultimate sweetheart, as well as a wonderful sled dog and good leader. Nothing we have seen from her so far could possibly lead us to argue with any of those points.

Avery is tiny, although perhaps she does seem even smaller as we do have some rather large dogs kicking around here, but her performance in harness is not diminished by her stature. She is loving, friendly, ever eager to please, a willing and enthusiastic worker and a solid and reliable leader. I can think of 3 distinct occasions this past winter where she outmuscled her much larger and heavier co-leader, to take the team where I was asking them to go, and not where the other leader was trying to go.

She has a cheeky expression, a mischievous grin, and an amazingly large fan club. Quite a few of our dogs have had someone “adopt” them as their favourite, only Avery has had about a dozen or so fan letters. I think it’s safe to say I’m definitely counted as one of her fans too.
Avery squinting at the camera

Avery squinting at the camera
What you pointing that thing at me for?
6 dog sled team
Lightfoot and Avery at point

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