Time for the first of our homebred dogs. Gealach Mor’s Fina.

Gealach Mor's Fina

She will be 7 this year and yet like all the others from that litter, still gets collectively identified as “the pups”. Fina was a beautiful puppy – as they all were of course, and she has retained that beauty into adulthood. She has her mother’s looks and coat and an incredibly sensitive nature which we’re really not sure how she came by. None of her siblings are the shy, retiring types and her parents are hardly timid, but Fina is definitely much softer and sure that the world is full of big bad things out to get her. In her familiar surroundings, she is happy and confident, and when working as part of the team she overcomes those worries. She can also run lead but has a real phobia about snowmachines and will try to hide behind which ever dog she is partnered with as the machine passes.

Fina has had long spells as a house dog because she has these big soulful eyes that seemed to want to be indoors with us. Since the move to Alaska, she has become much more of an outside dog again, back in with her gang and seems to have forgiven us. Although on occasion, you can imagine that she would prefer her spot on the sofa back again.

Fina as a 3 month old pup
Cute, little puppy bear, Fina
Water stop after training at Ae Forest
Fina and Harry leading at Ae Forest, Nov 2006
Several of our dogs crowd round me
Fina leads a delegation to discuss a pay rise.

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