Second Wind’s Fionnghall at Gealach Mor – Fionn for short, has already had a post written about him, see here.

Headshot of Fionn
Fionn Dec 2009

He’s a real enigma, a very well constructed dog everywhere, except between the ears. He’s a lovely mover, quick, lithe and very, very smooth. He loves to eat, doesn’t seem to care how cold it gets and doesn’t get involved in any nonsense with the other dogs. In all in all, he should be a fantastic sled dog – if only I could get a hand on him.

OK, it maybe isn’t quite as bad as that – now……… there were spells last winter where I could quite happily have returned him to his breeder or handed him off to a passing gypsy. I’ve never known a dog that could forget who I was in the time it took him to turn around. Even now, after months of working with him, his behaviour is still wildly unpredictable and he can go from jumping up on me to running away to the far end of the pen in an instant. But, as mental as he is, he’s never mean, he has never even looked like fear biting and he mixes really well with our other dogs. And he loves my wife.

Fionn was the only one of the youngsters who failed to get harness broken last winter, because his head looked like it was going to explode whenever we started working with them. So, we took the long term view and rather than ruin him by forcing the situation, we’re hoping that giving him a bit more time to mature will pay dividends.

Fionn pacing around his box
Fionn giving Cameron a wide berth
Group of our dogs hanging out at the gate
Fionn (4th from left) hanging with his buddies, New Year's Day Jan 2010

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