Fridtjof of Seppala

Born 24 October 2005, a great looking, good sized male, with a relentless drive and a cheery disposition.

Fridtjof of Seppala
                                                 Fridtjof of Seppala

Friddy joined us in September of 2010, making the long drive from Manitoba to Alaska with fellow new arrivals, Kazek and Irina. Friddy is a strong, strong boy and always seems to be leaning hard into his harness. He does appear to find early season training a bit of a trial, but as his fitness and stamina grow, he has always become a solid, reliable team member.

I do wonder about his eyesight sometimes. Oncoming teams will see Friddy leaning way out into the trail until their leaders are almost upon him, and then he darts back into his proper position. I don’t know whether he can’t see what’s coming from afar and is insanely curious until he actually realises it’s just another team, or if he just likes playing chicken.

Friddy, one of our super Seppala Siberian Sleddogs.

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