Cold Canyon’s Hop at Gealach Mor.

Hop, up high as usual
Hop, January 2010

I have policy of not giving dogs names that they can or will live up to – so no Devil, Killer, Psycho or Fluffy lives here. However Hop is the exception that proves the rule. She isn’t called Hop because she wanders around bouncing on her back legs which is how everyone at the vet’s office believes she got her name. Her breeder called her Whopijaw and it was just a name I couldn’t wrap my mind nor my tongue around, so it had to change. Thus, Hop.

Hop turned 1, this past May, so her first winter here in Alaska was one of harness breaking and playing around. It was also one of of sadness because in December, Hop had an accidental injury to her left eye which resulted in trauma induced glaucoma. Her condition is being managed with a series of drops for now and she seems to be none the worse for being unable to see out of one eye. She is well known at our vets, as much for sitting ON the waiting room chairs, as for her hopping around.

She was moved into the house following her injury, and she has settled into that lifestyle with a little too much ease and comfort. The plan is that once training restarts, Hop should go back out with the “big boys”. We’ll see……….

She’s quite the character, has an incredible deep bark and likes to let you know she is around. She can be a bit fiesty – and she is probably the only one of our dogs who has an active dislike of one of our others. Hop’s nemesis is Lightfoot – for some reason the two of them can just about cope to be in the same area, but one is always aware of where the other is.

Hop in profile, looking lovely
Hop, July 2010
Hop awaiting dinner
Feeding Time
Hop in the winter
Hop in January 2010. Notice how much darker her coat is from the summer photos.

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