Jedeye Lightfoot of Manitou Crossing or GawDammit Lightfoot, as she is more commonly known as, around here.

Lightfoot's eyes
What you pointing that thing at me for?

Lightfoot joined us from Blake and Jen Freking’s kennel and came with plenty of potential as well as a fair amount of experience. She certainly slotted straight into the team without any issues and is a willing and enthusiastic worker. In fact willing and enthusiastic just about totally sum her up. She puts everything she has into everything she does. I’m not sure whether it is this bounciness or something else that has led to the tension between Lightfoot and Hop, but the two of them are definitely not buddies. They are together loose with everyone else in the big yard and can tolerate each other, but there are predictable situations which do require active management. To be fair to Lightfoot, she is very rarely the instigator.

That’s probably because she is too busy indulging in her favourite pastime, copraphagia. We have several dogs that do this, some to a far greater degree than others, but old Lightie is the queen. Us humans find it exceedingly gross but very obviously, the dogs do not. Whether that is her most annoying trait is however up for debate. I was discussing Lightfoot with Blake when he dropped by for a visit after finishing Iditarod in March. As I was complaining about her, he confessed that it was him that had taught or encouraged this particular trick – and that Jen too had started complaining about it. Remember the “willing and enthusiastic” bit – well, she’s a jumper, a relentless, head high jumper – and I’m 6’2 !

As a kennel, I like to dish out awards to the dogs, in recognition of their achievements. After all, we may race occasionally but the only trophies I forsee us amassing as a team, will be those delightful Red Lanterns. So anyway, there are the serious ones, like Tightest Tug, Most Valuable Dog, Never Leave Without, then there’s the soppy ones, like Prettiest Dog, Best Cuddler and then finally there’s the PITA ones, Biggest Chewer, Biggest Grump and the one which Lightfoot is a shoe in to win (geddit… Lightfoot… shoe….oh never mind…..) Dog Most Likely To Give You A Concussion award.

Lightfoot in profile Aug 2010
Lightfoot Aug 2010
Lightfoot with Avery and 4 other dogs resting with our sled.
Lightfoot and Avery at swing, January 2010

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