Deer Creek’s Winter Lily at Gealach Mor.

Lily in the sunshine
Lily admiring the view

Lily is the youngest dog here, along with her sister, Rosie, at almost 9 months old. They arrived from Deer Creek Kennels at 10 weeks old in February 2010 and settled straight in. Previous blog entries have shown them being lovely little puppies and horrible tearaway monsters. Right now, they’re kind of at that in-between stage, not quite full grown sensible adults, and no longer the little babies that can get away with anything.

Lily is and always has been dog orientated. Rosie is a bit more people focussed, but Lily seems to regard cuddles as something to be tolerated or an opportunity to do a bit of mouthing. Lily is also a little cry-baby and is very quick to scream outrage if anybody knocks her down or chases her. She’s also the more submissive of the two sisters, and Rosie definitely pushes her buttons on occasion. She is a digger, a tunnel rat, an explorer and unfortunately, a stone eater. The temporary puppy pen was set on sand and Lily had dug her way out almost by the time I had closed the gate. She is also a determined chaser of flying things and can often be seen running across the yard, staring into the sky or leaping into the air to try and snag the dragonflies. She has now met several of the “big dogs” all without incident, well apart from Fionn not really liking her, but as everyone already knows, that boy is odd…………………….

So far, Lily has taken each new thing in her life with an initial “oh no, this is dreadful” approach very quickly followed with ” oh, actually it wasn’t that bad”. Fall training starts soon and hopefully, she’ll keep that attitude going. Obviously, this year, she’ll not be asked to do very much of anything other than learn the basics, but it is those basics that are the essential foundations for all the future years.

Hopefully, she is going to grow out of the nickname she earned very early on, of “Silly Lily”.

Don't disturb me, I'm concentrating.
A very leggy, gangly looking Lily,
A lot of legs on Lily, August 2010

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