Introducing Sepp-Lok’s Mermaid at Gealach Mor.

Mermaid headshot
Mermaid - not as old as she looks

Sweet, charming, delightful, cuddlecrazy and relentless – all adjectives that fit Mermaid to a “t”. Add in fast, enthusiastic and willing to her repetoire and she is beginning to sound like the lovely dog she is. She was one of the first of our new arrivals and was very easy to integrate into our life. At 5 years old, we were surprised to learn that she had already had 5 previous owners but we have reassured her that she has a forever home here with us.

I have spoken with some of those owners and they all said she was a fantastic dog, a great worker and possibly the fastest dog they had worked, but she had a couple of flaws. So far, the only one I have really identified is her tendency to dip for snow when running. Now that’s a fairly normal habit and isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but she is a pretty strong girl and does tend to pull her running partner around.

However, that flaw aside, she is a great dog to have in our yard, enjoys the free play periods with all the boys and loves to eat. At some point before she got here, she had been debarked, so she has an easily identifiable hoarse “bark’ that she uses with great enthusiasm, especially at feeding time.

Mermaid in profile
The lovely Mermaid
A happy mermaid waiting for dinner
Smiley Mermaid

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