I present this week’s Dog of the Week – Deer Creek’s Oak.

Oak's head
Deer Creek's Oak

Oak is a funny little dog. When I first met her at Deer Creek, she barked and screamed and generally wanted nothing to do with me. Not a promising start when we had a 3000 mile drive to do together. Over those miles, we got to know each other better and she settled down. She has remained a barking, screaming banshee at each and every new visitor to the house and yard, but she’s not alone in that.

She is a willing worker, an occasional leader, an enthusiastic eater, a bit mouthy and can be a little bit stroppy. She lives in a pen with Rimi, Fionn and Ciara and roams the big yard during the day with all the others. She is currently in the house, because she came back into season only 8 weeks after finishing her previous one, and our heat pen was full with 6 other bitches all at various stages of their cycle.

Oak is the perfect house dog – I think she loves it so much inside that she is trying to behave so perfectly that we let her stay. Her behaviour has been impeccable, her manners wonderful and she looks so cute curled up tight on her bed. She loves being inside so much that in the morning, when everyone else is charging outside, Oak can barely be found as she tries to snuggle deeper into her bed, to remain unseen and not forced to go out for even a bathroom break.

The plan is for her to return to the yard soon – I wonder if she will get there…………….

Oak yawning in the summer sun
Oak yawns as she waits for dinner
Oak in the house
Oak on her bed in the house
Our dog team on Willow swamp trails, Feb 10
Oak at right swing, Feb 2010

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