Oscar gets his moment of recognition as Dog of the Week.

Oscar's head
Classic Siberian looks from Oscar

Oscar joined us from the Frekings over in Minnesota, along with Avery and Lightfoot in 2009. He is a much more reserved, shy dog than either of those 2 girls and it took him much longer to settle here. Socially, he mixes well but prefers not to mingle with the bigger groups and is happiest when left in one of the smaller pens with a female for company ( but then again, who isn’t ! )

Oscar is also a little bit stand-offish with us mere humans too. He is pleasant enough and accepts attention and cuddles seemingly as something to be tolerated rather than enjoyed. However, he has, on occasion, frolicked with us, so we have to come to accept that he is just a serious headed dog.

As a worker, Oscar is a fine, strong dog. He leads for us and is great at going past other teams, taking turns and running gee’d over as well as setting a good pace. Where he is not so outstanding, is when he decides he knows best – and then, that shy, quiet, reserved dog becomes a bull-headed, stubborn as an ass, immutable object. Hopefully, he and I won’t have too many more of those occasions ahead of us.

First snows of Winter 2010 - 2011
Oscar looking at the first snow of the year, Nov 2010
Our team heading out into Willow Swamp, Dec 2009
Oscar and Teague lead our team out into the swamp.

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