Introducing Deer Creek’s Quizno. A young male we got from Tabby Berge at Deer Creek Sleddogs in October 2009, Quizno was one of the dogs that made the epic Alcan drive with me that first year.

Quiz looking over his shoulder
I can still see you

For the first few weeks we stayed with his full name of Quizno, but I was always quite aware of the negative “no” at the end of his name, so it got ditched and now he is simply Quiz, or Quizzer, or Quizzie, or even for formal occasions Quizzical Quiz – because most of our dogs have several versions of their call names that they respond to, and it is only fair that he does too.

Initially, he came across as a rather shy, stand-offish male, very slight in stature, with a deep baying howl that seemed a little incongruous coming from such a small body. However, I have found that he was just wanting to be sure of his surroundings before unleashing his love. Quiz loves one on one attention, and will try everything to wriggle inside my jacket and rub his head against mine. I’m still surprised by the depth of his “big dog” bark.

As a working dog, Quiz has really flourished in training this year. He does prefer to run beside the saner, calmer dogs but other than that, he will run anywhere. I noticed that he was paying attention and responding to the turn commands, and several runs at swing really showed me that he knew where the team should be going. He has had a couple of spells at lead and is showing great promise. Wonderful to see in a 2 year old.

Quiz as a young pup
Quiz The Younger
Quiz in side profile
Quiz, the teenage years
Quiz in the sled team
Quiz and Mermaid, Oscar and Junior behind them

With another couple of seasons of experience behind him, Quiz has continued to flourish into his leader role. I probably consider him to be my best leader, certainly one of the most reliable. He has one little quirk that I wish he would not do.  Not matter how many opportunities he is given to relieve himself before setting off on a run, Quiz seems unable to run much more than a mile before deciding that he, absolutely, has to pee.


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